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Course Information

  • All of our courses are approved by the real estate licensing authority in the state in which they are offered. They are also approved by ARELLO.
  • To get started simply go to the Login page and follow the easy directions.
  • Your system requirements are fully explained in the Login section.
  • You will be able to use any compatible computer at any time. Simply remember your username and password and login anytime, anywhere. .
  • All courses are timed in accordance with state requirements and the remaining time per chapter is displayed on each page. You will not be permitted to complete a course if the required time is not completed. There is a completion status notification available for you to check.
  • Questions appear periodically throughout each course with a predetermined number that must be correctly answered.  This total is noted at the bottom of the question page. If an incorrect answer is chosen, the number of questions required will increase by one until the necessary correct answers are chosen. As an example, if there is a requirement for 10 correct answers, the first question page will show 1 of 10.  As you progress if you were to get the second question wrong the next page will show 2 of 11.  At the completion you will be able to determine how many questions you had to answer in order to meet your requirement.When a question is answered incorrectly, you will be given the remediation so that you will have an opportunity to understand why you got the answer wrong.You do not have to reread the chapter and will not have a time penalty invoked for wrong answers. 
  • Completion certificates can be printed upon course completion. by going to the menu and clicking courses and completed courses If applicable in your State.
  • Qualifying and CE Courses are valid for one year.
  • Where required, your state licensing authority will be notified in compliance with regulations.
  • If you need a duplicate certificate please contact us by email for further instructions.
  • Courses expire one year from date of purchase.
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